Enjoy quiz your general knowledge in various sciences such as astronomy,


science and mathematics,


and you can learn more information about animals,


cities, countries, and country flags,


You will also get to know brands,


General Information - Quiz


Download the application General Information - Quiz ,

and test your knowledge,


of logos quiz ,

also sports questions and general questions ,

And also questions in geography and history ,

Also questions about animals you can learn the name of the animal through the sound of the animal ,

Application features:

It contains many questions in several areas,

enjoy and quiz yourself now ,

The duration of answering questions Time.

In the event that you do not know the correct answer,

you can watch an advertisement, and the correct answer will appear to you directly,

You can also ask a friend for the answer through the

Ask a Friend tool.

The app is very useful for students,

Also, if you are not a student, this will refresh your memory,

You can also share the application with friends,

this app is free,

You can also remove ads from within the app by purchasing an ad-free version from within the app,


Bubble Shooter


Download the application Bubble Shooter ,

and play now,


Candy Reward Money


Download the application Candy Reward Money ,

and play now,


flags of world quiz


Learn about the flags of all countries of the world,quiz your self,quiz now,


Flags Of World - Quiz


Download the application Flags Of World - Quiz ,

and test your knowledge,


Capitals Of Countries - Quiz


Download the application Capitals of Countries - Quiz ,

and test your knowledge,

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